December 1, 2014

What is your dream?

Have you ever heard a question "what is your dream?"
I actually have heard that several times. 
As time goes by, being older, I couldn't say what exact my dream is. 
I've thought about that sometimes we feel being pushed to have typical dream which is made by these public education system and also society. 

So i started to be interested in homeschooling which could make our children have their own dream, would be happen. This underneath article says, as like me, that homeschooling can make children as a dream makers.

For evidence of this idea, I searched one of singer "Akdong musician". The two main reason of them picked up in 'K-pop star2' were that they are super creative and they are in what their age. A lot of singer write their own songs but the message is not about their age but just for popularity. They have conviction. That's why people are interested in them and they said they think homeschooling makes them to do like that. 
This article shows the story of them. 

Let's have a think about homeschooling :)

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