December 1, 2014

What is your dream?

Have you ever heard a question "what is your dream?"
I actually have heard that several times. 
As time goes by, being older, I couldn't say what exact my dream is. 
I've thought about that sometimes we feel being pushed to have typical dream which is made by these public education system and also society. 

So i started to be interested in homeschooling which could make our children have their own dream, would be happen. This underneath article says, as like me, that homeschooling can make children as a dream makers.

For evidence of this idea, I searched one of singer "Akdong musician". The two main reason of them picked up in 'K-pop star2' were that they are super creative and they are in what their age. A lot of singer write their own songs but the message is not about their age but just for popularity. They have conviction. That's why people are interested in them and they said they think homeschooling makes them to do like that. 
This article shows the story of them. 

Let's have a think about homeschooling :)

October 19, 2014

Pupils in homeschooling, distance education on the rise

* Home schooling 

I'd like to discuss about homeschooling which is not familiar within Korea yet. 
It would be similar to alternative school in Korea. 
This article is from Maryborough in Austrailia. 
So it could be in different situation from Korea though,
this is going to help to understand what is homeschooling is,
and why do they make that kind of educating systems in western at first.

Do you want to educate your children by public school? 
Let's have thoughts about that together ! 

EDUCATING children from the home is becoming a popular option for parents on the Fraser Coast.
Figures show the number of students registered in home schooling and those enrolled in distance education have increased.
Last year, there were 92 students enrolled in distance education, which increased to 99 this year.
There were 25 home school students registered with the home education unit last year, which increased to 31 this year. However, there are probably more.
Christian Education Ministries' Schools Department general manager Terry Harding said it was difficult to determine exactly how many students were home schooled because many families did not register with the Queensland Government.
"I'd say there would be more people than what are registered with the government group," he said.
Dr Harding said choosing home education was not just about isolation or remoteness anymore.
According to Dr Harding's research, 90-95% of distance education students are in metropolitan areas.
"It's different… it's no longer about location, it's more about parent choice, and that's the critical point," he said.
However, when choosing to teach children from home, Dr Harding said it was not a decision parents took lightly.
For one parent, it is a full-time job which means the family will have a single income for the time children are home schooled.
"However, they're prepared to pay that price because they see the value in home schooling and in distance education," he said.
While teaching a child from home is not for all parents, he said there was an inner teacher in most mothers and fathers.
"My 2011 doctoral research explained the powerful teaching phenomenon that is in all parents. They've taught their children to speak the English language. That is the most difficult ... because the child has to start from scratch.
"Home schooling parents tap into this teaching function… It is something is in most Aussie parents but home schoolers are using it to a great advantage."

[ Above information from here. Click to see the original article. ]

Pupils in homeschooling, distance education on the rise: Number of students in distance education up to 99 from 92

September 29, 2014

*Approaching Gospel in 5 minutes

This is how you can approach Jesus Christ for whom doesn't know who He is at all. You can introduce the whole story of Gospel in 5 minutes clearly. 

Those who are unfamiliar with Gospel, don't know even what bible says. They haven't heard about it but they just don't want to go to church. Also, they hate christian who invite them to church. 

I think the reason they don't want to come to church is us not saying anything about church but pushing them to come. 

Sometimes non-christian could ask you about really simple things of Gospel. But what if you don't know either? What if you couldn't get the chance to show them who God is? 

This method will help you to tell them basically whom, how and why we believe in God as born-again christian.

Now, let them know how our God is awesome within this so simple way !

1) Prepare a piece of paper. No matter how big is. A4 is ok 
and half of it is better to bring in your bag.

2) At the very first, tell them you are going to say interesting story.
After that, confirm them a empty paper.
(From now on I post how exactly you could say.)

"I'm gonna fold the paper twice."
(At this time it is important to fold the paper in the way shown below)


①Fold in half left to right

"And twice"

②Fold in another half of folded side, means fold upper side to left in half

Tell the story of gospel with writing the key words.

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